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[Photo of house] Henry Hunter, husband of Barbara Morrison ("Mam of the Queans"), outside the Queans before it was raised. In the doorway is his daughter Joan. This photograph must have been taken around the turn of the century.
[Photo of house] "The Queans" in Tumblin, soon after it was "raised" to two stories, and before the trees grew. Home of Henry and Barbara Hunter when they moved from Twatt, and their large family. Subsequently owned by their son Henry, and in turn his daughter Ella (Garrick).
[Photo of old lady] Barbara Hunter, wife of Henry and mother of ten children, six of whom became sea captains. Known (and feared) as "Mam of the Queans" by BM, her grand-daughter. Photograph by A & A J Abernethy, Harbour Street, Lerwick.
[Photo of group] Four Hunter brothers: (left to right) Lawrence (Lowrie, seated), Henry (Harry, standing), David (Dave, seated), Adam. Taken by Pettigrew & Amos, 131 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, some time after 1897.
[Photo of David Hunter] David Hunter, known to BM as "Uncle Dave", was one of the sea-captain sons of Henry Hunter and Barbara Morrison. He sailed from and eventually settled in Glasgow.
[Photo of picnic] Left to right: James William Manson and his wife Mary Ann, Ella's father Henry or Harry (known to BM as Uncle Henry), Barbara (BM's grandmother, known as Grandmam or "Mam of the Queans") and Aunt Joan, Mary Ann's sister. Taken around 1924 in the garden of The Queans, Tumblin.
[Hillside Cottage] Hillside Cottage, home of James William Manson and his wife Mary Ann. The inscription reads "With the little patch of Chrysanthemums in front".
[Photo of James Manson] James William Manson, BM's father. He was away at sea much of the time and only rarely back at Hillside Cottage. However he always returned bearing gifts for the children. He died in Australia, falling into the hold of a cargo ship, and is buried (we believe) in Melbourne. Photograph taken by Tunny & Co, Shandwick Place, Edinburgh.
[Photo of 5 children] The Manson children: (left to right) Jessie, Barbara, Winnie, Adam, Myra. Probably taken in A & A J Abernethy's studio at the same time as that of their mother with Winnie.
[Photo of Mary Ann Hunter and daughter Winnie] Mary Ann Manson lived in Hillside Cottage with her family. Photograph by A & A J Abernethy, Lerwick.
[Photo of wedding group] Left to right: Catherine (BM's Auntie Katie, James William Manson's sister), Uncle Bobbie Nicolson (her husband), the Best Man (young Robert Nicolson?), and Barbara Manson (the Bridesmaid). Both the Best Man and Bridesmaid were aged 17. Taken in 1923 at Abernethy's studio, Lerwick.
[Photo of car] Left to right: Winnie, Barbara (BM), Myra. Leaning against Robbie Georgeson's model T Ford. Taken at Sandness, on Waas show day.
[Photo in garden] Barbara Manson (BM, front) and her Aunty Bea (Barbara Hunter, wife of Captain Blance. Taken in Glasgow around 1927.
[Photo of group] The Manson sisters: (left to right) Barbara (BM), Jessie, Myra, Winnie. Taken on the "Tumlin brig".
[Photo of group] Left to right: Mary (Myra), Winnie, Bess (a friend), Adam, Bab (BM). Inscribed "Taken at the bridge below Hillside Cott., Tumlin. May 21st, 1929."
[Photo of group] Left to right: (from inscription on back) peerie Harry Hunter, Babs (Barbara Manson, BM), Robbie Georgeson, Mary Jean (Myra), Thomas Abernethy, Ella Hunter, Jessie, Libby Manson's peerie lass. Taken on the "Tumblin brig", on the path to Hillside Cottage.
[Photo of group] Left to right: Barbara Manson, Johnnie Georgeson, Robbie Georgeson, Adam Manson. Taken by Ramsay Photo, Lerwick.
[Photo of group] Left to right:
back row: Barbara Manson (BM), Aunty Amy (Adam Hunter's wife), Minnie Gray (Nicolson)
middle: Brenda (Minnie's daughter), Adeline Gifford, Mona (Minnie's daughter), Mary (Amy's daughter)
front: Davida (Amy's daughter)
Taken in the garden at Tresta, where Adam and Amy lived.
[Photo of wedding group] Left to right: Harry (Ella's brother), Alec Garrick (her husband), Ella and Barbara Manson.
[Photo of wedding group] Henry Hunter and his wife Gemina. Henry (called Harry) and Ella were the two children of Henry Hunter of the Queans. The Henry in this photograph eventually moved to the Lairg area in Sutherland.
[Photo of group] Robert Blance was the son of Captain Blance and Barbara Hunter (BM's Aunty Bea) who became a minister in Australia.