• 10 Mar 2014 - Holiday pictures are now up to date to the end of 2013.
  • 9 May 2013 - I've added a (Google) map of 10GHz contacts (amateur radio)
  • Most musical activity is fiddling at the moment.
  • Still no sailing - too many other things to do. One day!
  • The web site is always under development - keep calling back.

Our web site

  • We started the site in 2000 and have made quite a few revisions over the years. It began with mostly polynesian catamaran stuff on it - but has expanded to include some of our old Shetland family history, and photographs from holidays for our family and friends to see.
  • Most of the hits on the web site used to be for the family history and the polynesian catamarans. We get a moderate number looking at the photos as well. Now most of the hits are for the amateur radio stuff, as John has been getting back into the hobby over the last few years, and building lots of new gear, especially (now) for microwaves.
  • We hope you find something of interest here ...


Duomo Ferrara

The Cathedral in Ferrara, September 2013

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Dish on car roof

John's current enthusiasm - microwaves in amateur radio

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