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North West PCA Meet 2003

Red Wharf Bay, Angesey, North Wales

Dave Brooman and John Cooke met up on September 6 at Red Wharf Bay, on the north-east coast of Anglesey. This is superb cat country, and requires careful use of the tides to get a cat up the channel at the west of the bay to the anchorage at the village of Red Wharf Bay. Dave has been there on several occasions with his Narai, but John, car-topping his 4.3m / 14 foot Aoraki, camped at the site on the end of Trwyn Dwlban, and launched from the beach there.

[Aoraki on the sand (18kb)]

Unfortunately most of the various PCA members who had indicated that they might be attending didn't come in the end, so the meet was a bit sparse! Additionally, unexpected work demands meant that Dave couldn't get his Narai round from Bangor in time to work the tides. However, John got Aoraki out into Red Wharf Bay and Benllech Bay on the Saturday morning and had a fine sail in a good F3-4 breeze. Here is Aoraki on the beach waiting for the tide to come in again!

[PCA sweatshirts (31kb)]

The PCA was represented by two members and two sweatshirts! We were pleased to find we had at least got some contrasting colours. There was a lot of polycat chat whilst the barbecue heated up.

[Group photo 1 (26kb)]

Here's a group of happy polycat enthusiasts with what turned out to be an enourmous barbecue, since there was enough food and beer for all those who weren't there!

[Barbecue (31kb)]

Polycat barbecue tip number 23: how to barbecue onions that are already chopped, when you don't have a pan. First, open a can of beer. Then drink the beer. Then cut the beer can open and, without carving up your fingers, bend it flat, and turn up the edges to form a flat container. Spread the chopped onion over this, pour some more beer over them, and cook until done. Delicious!

[Group photo 2 (19kb)]

Second group photo so that everyone can get in on the act. Still building up our strength here ready to haul Aoraki up the hard (lots of pebbles! - the bigger your trolley wheels the better). We couldn't wait for the tide to come in.

[Narai (19kb)]

Here is Dave's Narai Mk 4, Sue Mandy (I hope I got the right boat but there aren't many Wharram cats around Anglesey!).

A great time was had by all and those who didn't turn up definitely missed out. It's a lovely cruising area and day sailing is easy from the camp site. Many thanks to Dave for suggesting this meet and for providing the barbecue.