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Scottish Meet 2006 - draft report

Loch Melfort, Argyll and Bute, Scotland

The first Scottish PCA meet since 1998, over the weekend of 24-25 June a total of eight PCA members (including the Commodore!) met up for some sailing and polycat chat on the west coast of Scotland. We were based comfortably in Craobh Haven, though might have chosen to spend nights at local anchorages had there been a few more boats. Peter Richardson's Toroa, also present in 1998, showed up faithfully, while John Cooke trailed his new acquisition Sunshine through from Edinburgh. Lots of firsts for John - the first time Sunshine was in the water, the first time John had used an engine, and the first time John was able to live on board his own boat (being used to the 14 foot Aoraki).

Background for the meet is still online as the planning page.

Here is Sunshine moored at the pontoon. Sunshine at Craobh Sunshine rafted up alongside Toroa. Sunshine and Toroa
Sunshine amongst the big girls! Sunshine moored Toroa in Craobh Haven. Easily spotted from the ramp, being quite a bit longer than most of the other boats present. Toroa
On Saturday morning we set off after meeting up at Craobh Haven. Here's Toroa as we set off to sail around Shuna. Toroa sailing Commodore Dave Peak on Toroa, with Kay Gilmore. Toroa crew

Having rounded the south end of Shuna (where John spent a lot of time on Sunshine being inspected by a herd of cows, who must have wondered why he kept coming back to see them), we rafted up in Kilchattan Bay off Toberonochy. Lunch time was declared and a great feast was had by all.

Brian Gilmore on Sunshine ready to set off back up Shuna Sound. Brian on Sunshine Brian at the helm of Sunshine, with Toberonochy in the background. Brian helming
Toroa from Sunshine in Seil Sound. Toroa At the Loch Melfort Hotel on the Saturday evening. Evening meal

Judy Jameson had brought a lot of photos of John's trip on Taraipo (articles in current Seapeople magazines). L-R: Andrew Manson, Peter Richardson, Judy Jameson, Dave Peak, Kay Gilmore, Brian Gilmore. The manual flash refused to work - there's a spectacular view through the window which is shown below now that I have stiched three photos together.

Loch Melfort Panorama

Here's the panorama - click to see a larger version. Sorry about the interestingly sloping horizon in the middle! Craobh Haven is visible in the distance.

We had a few beautiful sunsets. Sunset Here's Kay Gilmore at the helm of Sunshine on the Sunday morning. Kay helming
Nothing following us, so I guess Toroa must be ahead again .... Toroa leading Lunch on Loch Melfort, in Bagh na Dalach. The sun always shone for lunch! Judy Jameson and Dave Peak on Toroa. Lunch
A fine spread! Peter was a fantastic host for us. more lunch    

All told, a great meet, even though we only had a couple of boats. We came close to getting one or two more - so better luck for next time, which will hopefully be sooner than in another eight years!