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South West PCA Meet 2000

Plymouth, Cornwall

The Plymouth meeting of the PCA took place over 25 to 28 August. This year the meeting was fairly informal, as both Steve and Scott had a number of other commitments. However it turned out to be very successful, and around 30 members at various stages enjoyed some excellent sailing and chat. Here is a selection of photographs as a preliminary report.

[jpeg (19kb)]

Hum-Along launching on the Friday evening.

[jpeg (11kb)]

Modified Pahi 63 Big Cat in the Hamoaze in front of the Plymouth skyline - quite a sight! Melanesia being assembled in the foreground. (Digitally zoomed from a wide-angle photo.)

[jpeg (22kb)]

A new Melanesia wet for the first time, being inspected by committee members waiting for the rest of the committee to return from the Big Cat send-off.

[jpeg (21kb)]

The new Melanesia sailing for the first time. Did we hear cries of "How do I control this thing?!!" from the skipper? He should be proud of a beautifully finished boat though.

[jpeg (16kb)]

Peter Kyne's Pahi 31 Dignity arrives in Millbrook Lake after a voyage from the Isles of Scilly, complete with crew of two children.

[jpeg (18kb)]

Sally Turner's Tiki 21 Dandelion sailing on Saturday evening.

[jpeg (28kb)]

John Cooke's own design Aoraki (very Wharram-inspired!) at the pontoons in Southdown Marina. Only 4.2m LOA, but has a lot more freeboard than the Hitia 14 and a Tiki rig rather than the sprit rig of the Hitia 14.

[jpeg (30kb)]

FOUR Tiki 21s in the Marina at Southdown! The three alongside together are Far Action, Hum-Along and Dream Liberator.

[jpeg (21kb)]

On the mud at the Southdown quay, Pahi 31s Dignity and Soroa togehter with Narai MkIV Havaiki. The tides for the weekend meant fairly lazy mornings!

[jpeg (16kb)]

Tiki 21 Far Action on Millbrook Lake. The sheltered water gave us some very fast sailing on the Saturday afternoon. Fortunately the camera seems to have survived the brief downpour later which left a number of Tiki sailors much wetter than they had been from the spray!

[jpeg (25kb)]

Sunday afternoon saw the fleet head out of Plymouth Sound for the traditional raft-up in Cawsand Bay. We had 11 or 12 boats in the raft and the usual mutual inspection of craft.

[jpeg (25kb)]

On the raft-up - Havaiki modifications (see recent PCA magazine issues) not quite finished yet!

[jpeg (24kb)]

Tiki 28 Imagine (foreground) and Pahi 31 Dignity (background).

[jpeg (33kb)]

Pahi 31 Soroa (foreground) with Tangaroa MkIV Myros and Narai Havaiki behind.

[jpeg (32kb)]

The skipper of Soroa fuelling up (peanut butter?) ready for his voyage south in a few weeks' time.

[jpeg (29kb)]

Front to back: Havaiki, Imagine, Dignity, Dream Liberator, Dandelion and Aoraki.

[jpeg (19kb)]

Monday evening saw a cruise up the Tamar river with Tiki 28 Imagine and Pahi 31 Dignity. We found Tiki 30 Arin moored in Millbrook Lake, seen here from Imagine.

[jpeg (20kb)]

Dignity approaching the Tamar bridges. Throughout the cruise Peter's cheerleader daughter entertained us with an active display of yellow pom-poms (to match the boat?).

A full report will be produced for the magazine later!