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Microchip PICİ microcontrollers

I have started to use PIC microcontrollers for all sorts of things - the first application was a QRSS keyer, but they are accumulating faster than I write them up. The devices I have chosen that are able to cover most of what I want to do are the 8-bit, 8-pin PIC12F629 (simplest) and PIC12F675 (as 629 but with A-D converters); and the 8-bit, 18-pin PIC16F627A when I need a few more I/O pins. As I use more devices I may need to make a list, but for the moment those are the only ones I have used.

These are projects with the details now available:

Power-up controller for ADF4113 RF PLL frequency synthesiser

I will try to get more of the PIC projects on the list as soon as possible.