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Low VHF wavemeter

Yet another little sideline as a result of the 23cm transverter project.

I had a problem in that I was not happy that the 96MHz was coming out of the OCXO properly at a suitable level. Unfortunately 96MHz was (a) in a gap between two old wavemeters I had (see the old projects page), and (b) on top of a very strong BBC Radio 4 FM signal! So I decided that I needed something to measure it with - a suitable wavemeter - and here it is:

wavemeter (front)

The back shows the nice variable capacitor (25pF), and the diode and capacitor show up clearly, together with the block connector for output. This was from an existing unfinished wavemeter from probably 1980!

wavemeter (back)

The comb generator was used to calibrate this low VHF wavemeter.