Visit to Amsterdam - September 2005

After our visit in February we wanted to return in the sunshine - and the Edinburgh holiday weekend in September turned out to be lovely in Amsterdam. We wandered around the delightful centre of the city a lot, and again visited the Van Gogh museum where there was a superb exhibition of the man's drawings - and could he draw!

Enjoying a Witbier near Leidseplein [click for larger image (150kb)] The Wharram Hitia 14 seen in February - moved to a different bit of the canal and having sustained damage to a bow handle! [click for larger image (185kb)]
The old Mint on Muntplein, viewed across the Amstel [click for larger image (161kb)] The Magere Brug - a very well known wooden bridge [click for larger image (131kb)]
The canals are beautiful on a sunny September morning! [click for larger image (228kb)] This is Oude Zijds Voorburg Wal, I think [click for larger image (210kb)]
More canal side reflections on Oude Zijds Voorburg Wal [click for larger image (168kb)] The interior of an amazing hidden chapel, "Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder", built into the upper part of several houses [click for larger image (143kb)]
Temple in the Chinese district; not mentioned in our guidebook but very interesting [click for larger image (123kb)] A house with a very varied collection of wall plaques [click for larger image (234kb)]

We still love Amsterdam, and will undoubtedly go back there again; it is easy to get to from Edinburgh and is a very relaxing place to be.