John has spent much of his life as a professional astronomer, working in the Institute for Astronomy (ifA) at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh. The IfA is part of the School of Physics in the University of Edinburgh, where John also worked for a year as School Administrator after a period as Associate Dean in the College of Science and Engineering.

There's not a lot linked from here but people might be interested in the transit of Venus which occurred in 2004.

There'a also now a page been added about megalithic astronomy - the astronomy of standing stones.

John has always been an enthusiast for Mars and still follows keenly the progress of the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity, which have sent back some spectacular findings. The orbiters also produce spectacular views of the planet, particularly Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and Mars Express; we know the surface of Mars better than we know much of the Earth's ocean floor!