Boat building at home

[Mildred (5kb)]

Mildred - 1990-1992

"Mildred" is an 8 foot pram dinghy, built at first as a rowing boat but the spars and sail (hand-sewn!) built the following winter. She was designed by Iain Nicolson, and appears in his book "Building a Simple Dinghy". The link is to a few pictures of construction and sailing.

[Aoraki (5kb)]

Aoraki - 1994-1996

"Aoraki" is a small day-sailing catamaran, very much based on the ideas of James Wharram but designed by John after some time playing around with cardboard and sellotape, and deciding that a small Dutch-style "Schouw" would not be car-toppable!

[Melanesia (5kb)]

Waka Iti - 2001-2002

This is a small outrigger sailing canoe, the Melanesia, designed by James Wharram and Hanneke Boon. The canoe hull and outrigger are finished and I hope to get the sail finished soon. The photos show construction, and the fun we had getting the hull out through a first floor window! There are also a couple of photos showing Waka Iti on top of the car for transport, and of the launch.