Norfolk Broads - May 2011

John had always wanted to try a holiday on a boat on the Norfolk Broads. There was not much chance of getting Marwyn on a sailing boat (which is a bit like camping in a small boat) so we took a motor cruiser for a week. It was great fun and we were lucky with the weather.

Moored up snugly for the night in the north of the Broads, near Wayford Bridge.
[click for larger image] Unfortunately the timing was wrong for us to go through the Potter Heigham bridge - but these intrepid sailors managed it!
[click for larger image]
The wildlife was great to see, though the Mallards were not so welcome - they think they might get fed.
[click for larger image] A quiet evening mooring on Thurne dyke near the drainage mill.
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The holiday was a lot of fun, it's a very restful way to travel, and a great way to explore the broads. We may well go again, possibly to explore the southern broads.