Italy - September 2009

An autumn break to Italy not in the school half term - now that Marwyn is retired. The weather was great - lovely and warm, just as Edinburgh was getting a bit chilly.

Back in Bologna again - the usual first photo! [click for larger image] Here's Neptune and his Sirens in the Piazza del Nettuno - where else? [click for larger image]
A watery theme this year - here's one of the entrances to the underground Torrente Aposa. [click for larger image] This is what it says on the lid - which raises to reveal an access stair (I've seen a photo - would love to visit it). [click for larger image]
Lots of lovely food and wine as usual. [click for larger image] Here's the place in the old city walls where the Reno canal enters the city. [click for larger image]
The washer women used to do the laundry in the Reno. [click for larger image] Here's a wonderful machine in the middle of the street that extracts junk from the canal. [click for larger image]
The canal isn't very wet in some parts unless it rains heavily. [click for larger image] We found significantly more water in Venice - here's a classic view. [click for larger image]
Fantastic weather still for our stay - it was lovely and warm. [click for larger image] We went to the Museo Morandi in the City Halls - it's a lovely building in itself. [click for larger image]

Yet another lovely restful break in Bologna, with a watery interest I never knew existed. We'll be back again!