Lyon - March 2010

For a long time we had promised that we would meet up with Fi and Enrico in Lyon. This ended up being a celebration of 40 years since they were students there!

The view across the Saône towards Fourvière.
[click for larger image] Looking north up the Saône towards La-Croix-Rousse.
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Looking across the Saône towards St-Georges, the area where Marwyn and Fi used to live. [click for larger image] The Roman Grand Théâtre on Fourvière. [click for larger image]
We all had a celebration meal at the Brasserie Georges, an old haunt of Marwyn and friends when students. [click for larger image] Lyon has a good transport system, including trams. We wonder if Edinburgh's trams will ever happen!
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A good trip and great to meet up with friends.