Visit to Shetland - July 2007

This was a short but special trip - we married in Shetland and this was a return for our 25th wedding anniversay. The weather was pretty poor (it can be really great in the summer), though we did get about one and a half nice days - enough to get one painting done! We had a great evening with family from Shetland and visited lots of old haunts.

Lerwick Town Hall on the skyline above the harbour, seen from the ferry in the early morning [click for larger image (77kb)] The North Ness in Lerwick has been developed a lot since we were last there - there's now a good walkway [click for larger image (91kb)]
One of my favourite views in Lerwick - Gelly's Pier. Pity about the weather! [click for larger image (74kb)] The peerie boat harbour, with lifeboat and the Swan. [click for larger image (79kb)]
The happy land - Tumblin, where Marwyn's family hails from. [click for larger image (121kb)] The Shetland Bus memorial in Scalloway (also new since our last visit) [click for larger image (105kb)]
Another new addition - the new Shetland Museum, which is really excellent. [click for larger image (74kb)] On the inter island ferry looking back towards Bressay [click for larger image (98kb)]
Commercial Street is being brightened up a bit! [click for larger image (83kb)] Sunset over Fair Isle as we travel back on the ferry to Aberdeen [click for larger image (45kb)]

It was good to be back on the Old Rock - once we are retired we'll maybe get up for Up Helly Aa sometime!