Visit to Italy - October 2007

For the first time John was able to join Marwyn on her October break - we went back to Italy to visit friends. It was great to get back into the warmth temporarily away from the rapidly approaching Edinburgh winter.

Back in Bologna - the towers through a portico [click for larger image (83kb)] Bologna is full of lovely courtyards like this just off the streets - wander through an archway and see what you find [click for larger image (90kb)]
John got to the top of the Asinelli tower for the first time; here;s the view towards Piazza Maggiore [click for larger image (149kb)] The Asinelli tower shadow, and the top of the Garisenda tower [click for larger image (164kb)]
A little snack in Piazza Galvani - we didn't realise it would be so much! [click for larger image (127kb)] What St Francis would have said about this - on the window ledges at the church of San Luca [click for larger image (90kb)]
The Cathedral in Modena - beautiful - not a brick in sight! [click for larger image (96kb)] Fantastic carving on a cathedral doorway in Modena [click for larger image (115kb)]
Covered market in Modena - just like Lancashire! [click for larger image (137kb)] Inside the cathedral - more sculpted stone [click for larger image (109kb)]
The Porta Pretoria in Aosta [click for larger image (98kb)] Near the Roman theatre and ampitheatre in Aosta [click for larger image (110kb)]
Sant' Orso bell tower in Aosta [click for larger image (110kb)] The mediaeval castle at Fénis, in the eastern Aosta valley [click for larger image (133kb)]
Now that's what I like to see! - at Conterno Fantino [click for larger image (107kb)] Vines in autumn at Monforte d'Alba [click for larger image (104kb)]

A very restful break, great company, great food and wine, great architecture, great scenery. We'll be back!