Holidays ...

Well, if we can still have holidays now that we're both retired!

[Ponte Vecchio]

Italy, September 2013

Visiting friends again. This time the weather could have been warmer.


Germany, June and July 2013

A round trip of Germany, with an amateur radio stopover in Friedrichshafen.

[Little Mermaid]

Copenhagen, February 2013

A city break in February to liven up the winter.


France, July 2012

This time to the Cévennes, not quite following the path of Robert Louis Stevenson!

[Lago d'Orta]

Italy, September 2011

A week in the warmth, after our chilly summer at home.


Germany, June 2011

Touring through Germany for a week or so, there and back to Friedrichshafen.

[Thurne Dyke]

Norfolk Broads, May 2011

A gentle week's trip along the north rivers of Norfolk in a little motor cruiser.


Provence, Summer 2010

Back to the South of France for a bit of warmth. Van Gogh country this time.

[Brasserie Georges]

Lyon, March 2010

A nostalgia trip to celebrate a long time since Marwyn was a student! A lovely city with lots to see, with great food and drink.


Italy, September 2009

Back to Bologna and its canals - with a visit to Venice.

[Hurtigrunten boats]

Norway, July 2009

This was a wonderful holiday on the Norwegian Coastal Voyage, the Hurtigruten. Norway has far more than its fair share of fantastic scenery.


France, July 2008

Back to the south of France again. A different place though - near Callas in Provence.

[Burns Cottage]

Scotland, Spring 2008

We had a few weekend trips into parts of Scotland we hadn't visited much before. It was cold some of the time but the views were magnificent.

[Monforte d'Alba (9kb)]

Italy, October 2007

Marwyn's October break - with John in tow. A good time to visit friends in the north of Italy, and to sample the delights of that lovely country.

[Nice plage (9kb)]

Nice, August 2007

John was looking for the heat after a cool and damp trip to Shetland. This was exactly what was needed!

[Tumblin (9kb)]

Shetland, July 2007

A short visit to Shetland where we married 25 years ago. Sadly the weather wasn't like this for very much of the time, but the place was as lovely as ever.

[Brandenburger Tor (11kb)]

Berlin, February 2007

A fascinating city, easy to get around with great public transport, with great bars and restaurants with friendly locals. Well worth finding real German restaurants.

[Canal du Midi (10kb)]

France, July / August 2006

Back to the Languedoc to apend another two weeks in Réquy. We were joined first by Mog and then by Anne who drove back to Edinburgh with us. We still love the area but will have to find somewhere else next time!

[Oude Zijds Voorburg Wal (10kb)]

Amsterdam, September 2005

Twice to Amsterdam in one year! - we wanted to see the city in slightly warmer weather, and were not disappointed. The canals were as beautiful as ever.

[Cafe en Seine (10kb)]

Dublin, July 2005

Just three nights in Dublin with our friend Chris. We had visited before in 2000 and found the city rather more dynamic after five years. Bring back the "Floozy in the Jacuzzi"!

[Nybroviken (10kb)]

Stockholm, July 2005

A slightly longer city break. We had enjoyed Gothenburg briefly in 2002, and wanted to see the eastern part of Sweden. We didn't realise how far in from the open Baltic Stockholm is - it's a long boat journey through the archipelago.

[Torre de Belem (12kb)]

Lisbon, March/April 2005

Our second city break for 2005 was to Portugal; we had previously only visited the country briefly in the north, from Galicia. We stayed in a lovely hotel for five nights.

[Amsterdam houses (9kb)]

Amsterdam, February 2005

The first of our "city breaks" for 2005. We wanted to visit friends who own a property on one of the central canals in Amsterdam; a chance to stay in an amazing place, not to be missed!

[Lagrasse (8kb)]

France, July 2004

We decided to go back to the wonderful place we had been the previous summer, this time for two weeks. Again we took extended journeys there and back staying in small hotels.

[Chrysler building (5kb)]

New York, April 2004

This was a short but superb stay in this amazing city. Not restful, but very exciting!

[Pont du Gard (11kb)]

France, July 2003

This was a late booking on the web after a long period of "getting the kitchen done"! We were lucky to find a superb place, and had wonderful journeys there and back staying in little country hotels.

[decoration, San Giovanni cloister (9kb)]

Italy, April 2003

We visited friends in Turin and Bologna, and although it wasn't as warm as we might have expected we did have some good weather and very much enjoyed the visit.

[Fossum woman (12kb)]

Sweden, July 2002

Our summer holiday was in mainland Scandinavia for the first time (we went to the Faeroe Islands a long time ago). We travelled by ferry from Newcastle to Gothenurg, and took Waka Iti on the top of the car with us. The scenery was superb, and John at last visited the Kon Tiki museum and the Viking Ship museum on a day trip to Oslo.

[Giralda (7kb)]

Seville, April 2002

We decided to take a "city break" for a few days over the Easter holidays. Seville was a superb choice for all of us; we stayed in a little hotel just 10 minutes' walk from the historic centre, and thought that the architecture was fantastic.