Norway holiday July 2009

This year was going to be special, and turned out being extra-special - we both had a retirement to celebrate! We had booked a holiday on the Hurtigruten ferry which travels up the Norwegian coast from Bergen, and round the North Cape to Kirkenes, just a few kilemeters from the Russian border. We booked to travel both ways - the ferry calls at ports during the day on the way back that had been visited at night on the way north.

We started with two nights in Bergen to allow a bit of sightseeing there. This is the view of the old part of Bergen from the top of Fl°yen. [click for larger image] Beer - the price takes some getting used to. At least it's more or less the same everywhere. [click for larger image]
Bryggen - where there are old Hanseatic houses. [click for larger image] Bergen manhole cover in the Bryggen - there are several variants. [click for larger image]
On board MS Nordlys and travelling north. [click for larger image] Approaching the Gerainger Fjord. [click for larger image]
King Neptune visits after crossing the Arctic Circle. [click for larger image] Stone cats in Troms°. [click for larger image]
MS Nordlys and one of the local fast catamarans. [click for larger image] The children's monument at the North Cape. [click for larger image]
The North Cape monument. [click for larger image] View to the west from the North Cape. [click for larger image]
In the panoramic lounge on MS Nordlys. [click for larger image] Passing one of the older boats. [click for larger image]
In Hammerfest - we didn't join the Polar Bear Society, I'm sorry! [click for larger image] Heading south in glorious day long sunshine. [click for larger image]
Leaving the Trollfjord. [click for larger image] MS Nordlys seen from a tour bus in the Lofoten Islands. [click for larger image]
Midnight sun (well almost) over the Lofoten Islands. [click for larger image] The ship's ensign. [click for larger image]
Passing the island on the Arctic Circle; another globe monument! [click for larger image] Somewhere between Bod° and Trondheim! [click for larger image]
The fašade of Trondheim Cathedral. This is a bit of a fraud - it was only completed last century; the original was never finished. [click for larger image] Returning to MS Nordlys in Trondheim. [click for larger image]
Old wooden boat and newer sailing boat in Kristiansund. [click for larger image]

This really was a fantastic holiday. Norway's scenery is truly spectacular (and they have so much of it!), and the Hurtigruten voyage allows you to see so much of it. We took just four of the tours, being content just to sit on the ship and watch the scenery go by for much of the time.

It's really cold in the far north though! Maybe back to France again next summer ...