Stockholm holiday, July 2005

This time we took a six night city break staying in the Hotel Diplomat - a comfortable hotel in an early 20th century building, with a couple of wonderful manual lifts (elevators) - one with a seat! There was a direct flight to Stockholm from Edinburgh, but we had to travel back via Copenhagen.

Nybroviken in the evening light; lovely late evenings at that time of year [click for larger image (100kb) Looking across Nybroviken to the Hotel Diplomat [click for larger image (136kb)]
Boats near Skeppsholmen - there are boats everywhere in Stockholm [click for larger image (134kb)] A narrow street in Gamla Stan, the old town [click for larger image (113kb)]
Looking towards the parliament building from the royal palace [click for larger image (132kb)] Strömbron - with some bedrock showing in the channel, and some crazy sculpture (a hand and a nose) floating near the bridge [click for larger image (142kb)]
The Vasa museum building - complete with masts! There are a couple of museum ships in the harbour as well [click for larger image (115kb)] The Vasa, capsized and sank in Stckholm harbour in 1628, and now preserved in a dry dock [click for larger image (96kb)]
The head of Nybroviken again, in daylight [click for larger image (179kb)] Stadshuset, the city hall and embarkation point for boats on Lake Mälaren [click for larger image (122kb)]
We took a boat trip out through the archipelago - it is a long way to the open Baltic sea, visible here at Sandhamn [click for larger image (99kb)] The palace guard on its way along the streets from barracks to the palace, complete with brass band [click for larger image (182kb)]
Lake Mälaren from the island of Björkö, where there was a very early settlement (Birka) [click for larger image (161kb)] An interesting church with open-air seating, and large doors opening onto the chancel [click for larger image (138kb)]
One of the many replica old boats seen around Birka [click for larger image (122kb)] The harbour and museum at Birka [click for larger image (145kb)]
And another Birka replica - we saw a family out rowing this one [click for larger image (128kb)] Note the outboard motor hidden under a rag on the side of this one! [click for larger image (126kb)]
Street sculpture in Stockholm [click for larger image (159kb)]

The weather was generally pretty good - only one day was really wet. We had plenty time for the boat trips, though John would have quite liked another half day to hire a sailing dinghy in the harbour!